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February 2019 Minutes

Members in attendance:          Kathryn Boswell, Alice David, David Fenton, Leonard Halpern, Kathleen Hartman, Amanda Jones, David Mudry


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. on February 21, 2019.


A motion made by Alice to accept the consent agenda was seconded by David F. and unanimously adopted.


After inquiry, it was determined that no conflicts of interest existed for any new or old business.


David F. mentioned that we have not been receiving the Year to Date/Budget to Actual information from Colleen Devine. David F. will look into this.


Leonard asked Amanda if she has purchased a new computer. She has, costing approximately $600. We also have two Chrome Boxes.


A motion was made by Leonard to pay the outstanding bills, as audited by Kathleen. The motion was seconded by Alice and passed unanimously.


Old Business


The Oath of Office has been updated.


The Finance committee, consisting of Alice, David F., Kathleen, Amanda, and David M., will meet on Feb. 28 at 6:30 at the Library to finalize the budget. (The budget will be approved by the Board via email after this meeting.)


New Business


The date for the Trustee and Budget election will be May 14.  (The School Board election will be May 21, and it was thought that we would do well to hold our election earlier.)


The motion to set May 14 as the election date was made by Alice and seconded by Leonard and passed unanimously.

Seats up for election are the seats of David F. and Steve, and one vacant seat. Petitions will be due by April 16. (It was noted that petitions are required to be submitted 30 days prior to the election.) Notices of the election – posters and notices in local papers – should be up by March 15.


There was a discussion of a tax increase. We are expected to ask for an increase every year, but there is concern that we will be seen as asking too much, as our community is small, and tends to be low- middle-income. Therefore we will keep our increase small.


The Friends of the Library have inquired about the possibility of allowing alcoholic beverages at Friends’ events (e.g. wine tasting, local craft beers, sip-and-paint events). Our current library policy is not to allow any alcoholic beverages. These events would be held after regular library hours, and restricted to people over 21. Amanda will inquire into code and insurance implications.  We could contact Marty Bregg, who is a wine-maker in Norfolk, about possibilities.


Alice handed out a draft copy of the Norwood Library Survey for each member to read and evaluate. Many thanks to Alice and Amanda for the hours of work needed to put this draft together for us.

Alice asked Board members to read the survey through first with a view to clarity and flow in the formatting, and then to read a second time to evaluate the content. An electronic copy will also be sent out. Board members can submit comments via email, and we will discuss the survey at our March meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 7 p.m. David M. made the motion to adjourn, which was seconded by Alice. The motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,

Kathryn Boswell


Approved 3/21/2019