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The Norwood Public Library is seeking $1,000 in additional funding through a proposed referendum on an upcoming ballot on May 14th. If it passes, this would increase the current levy of $88,000 to $89,000.  New York State Education Law allows special legislative district libraries to use a ballot to request funding from district residents.  This amount is a 1.14% increase to the $88,000 levy, under the tax cap for this district. This tax increase will raise the tax bill of a person assessed at $100,000 by approximately 84-90 cents.  The total increase is less than $1.00 for most families in our Library district.

The Norwood Public Library receives its primary funding through the legislated tax levy. An increase sustains Library operations as costs continue to rise. Anticipated expenses include: insurance coverage increases; building maintenance and improvement; and expansions to the book, eBook, audio, and visual collections. The Norwood Public Library is planning to update the main reading room, installing mobile shelving to better accommodate larger library events. In 2018 Norwood Public Library had 450 more library visits than in 2017. The Library has applied for a NYS construction grant for this project to cover the majority of renovation costs. This renovation project is contingent upon the award of the grant.

Who can vote on the Library’s Referendum?

The Norwood Public Library is chartered by New York State to serve the residents of the towns of Stockholm and Potsdam, who also live within the Norwood-Norfolk Central School District. Legal residents over the age of 18 can vote on the library's ballot. 

Map of Special Legislative District

When and where is the vote on the Library’s Referendum?

The vote is Tuesday, May 14, 2019 between the hours of 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm. The vote will take place at the Norwood Public Library. Absentee ballots will be available at the library after April 16, 2019.

Do other libraries receive funding through a ballot?

Yes, obtaining local support using a ballot referendum is common and provides stable funding. Out of 65 libraries in the four county North Country Library System, more than 50 obtain funding through a ballot, for either all or some of their budget. This includes libraries in Potsdam, Ogdensburg, and Canton.

Proposed General Budget 2020
District Levy $89,000
State (LLSA) $1,400
Gift and Endowments $400
Library Charges $500
Miscellaneous $1,700
Total Revenue $93,000
Salaries & Wages (All Staff) $40,820
Benefits $4,087
Staff Development
Memberships $50
Training $500
Liability Insurance $4,000
Worker’s Comp $1,000
Disability $250
Library Materials
Materials Budget $12,500
Office & Library Supplies $1,500
Program & event Supplies $2,200
Marketing & Publicity $100
Postage $50
Professional & System Fees
Accounting Fees $4,800
Legal Fees $250
Circulation System $1,700
Board Expenses $450
Repairs & Maintenance
Building Maintenance $1,000
Building Improvements $2,826
Lawn Care $700
Snow Removal $700
Alarms & Inspections $550
Trash Removal $0
Cleaning Service & Supplies $2,500
Telephone $1,800
Technology $1,500
Software $50
Cisco/NCLS $200
Tech repair $150
Electricity $1,500
Gas $1,500
Total Expense $89,233
Capital Reserve $3,000
Contingency $767
Expense + Reserves




Sample Ballot


                                   Board of Trustees Elections

                                           May 14, 2019

Election of trustees: Please place a check in the box for each candidate you vote for. Choose

up to three candidates. Three trustee seats are open. Each open seat carries a term of three


Candidate Names: Denise diVincenzo, David Fenton, Stephen Murray, Janice Woodward

Budget Proposition

Shall the tax levy be increased $1,000 over the current annual appropriation of $88,000 which

was approved by the voters in 2018 with this appropriated amount of $89,000 to be an annual

appropriation until thereafter modified by a future vote of the electors of the Norwood Public Library

Special Legislative District?

Table with "Yes" and "No"


Where can I obtain more information about the referendum?

Anyone with questions or comments should contact Amanda Jones, Library Director of the Norwood Public Library. She may be reached at the library, or by email at nowlib@ncls.org. A copy of the proposed 2020 Budget is available at the circulation desk.  A public hearing of library district voters will be held on April 18, 2010 at 5:30 PM.


Library Value Calculator

Library Value Calculator