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March 2019 Minutes

From: Kathryn Boswell
Date: March 21, 2019

Members in attendance: Ulana Ballan, Kathryn Boswell, Alice David, David Fenton, Leonard
Halpern, Kathleen Hartman, Amanda Jones, David Mudry, Stephen Murray

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. on March 21, 2019.

Tom Woodward was present as a visitor.

There was no report from the Friends’ meeting, as Kathleen was not able to attend.

A motion made by Ulana to accept the consent agenda was seconded by Alice and unanimously

After inquiry, it was determined that no conflicts of interest existed for any new or old business.

A motion was made by Leonard to pay the outstanding bills, as audited by David M. The motion was
seconded by Ulana and passed unanimously.

There was no policy review.

Old business: Discussion of the Community Survey.

There is no finalized version as yet.
Alice took a NNYLN Webinar for information about the survey. She asked about the advisability of
having several versions of the survey – online, paper, etc. – and that seems to be a very good idea. We
could have an online version that pops up when people log in to the library computers. We could also
have a version appropriate for children; it was suggested we might ask parents to help their
child/children fill out a survey. We might also be able to make a brief survey in bookmark form that we
slip in when children check out a book.

It was suggested we add a question regarding genres of books. e.g.“Is there a genre you would like to
see more of at NPL?”

Another suggestion was for people to rank answers rather than simply check “all that apply”. People
agreed that would be a good idea.

It was suggested that we should fine-tune questions about demographics to better evaluate the answers
we receive.

It was suggested that we add a question regarding language spoken at home.
One consideration was how can best reach people who don’t currently use the library. It was suggested
that we have an article in North Country This Week or on northcountrynow.com explaining about the
survey, and perhaps including a link to the survey itself. NNCS might be willing to refer to the survey
in their newsletter.

New Business:
Approval of the 2020 budget was moved and approved by email on March 8, 2019. Alice made the
motion to approve, and it was seconded by Kathryn. Since two board members did not respond to the
email, we voted to reaffirm the budget approval at tonight’s meeting. Alice moved that we reaffirm our
approval of the 2020 budget, and Ulana seconded the motion. It passed unanymously.
There will be a public hearing regarding the budget increase on April 18 at 5:30 p.m., one hour before
the April Board meeting. David F. moved to set the date and time for the public hearing, and Leonard
seconded. It passed unanymously.

Election monitors will be needed. Ulana will contact the appropriate people.

Amanda wrote a letter of support for Joe Liotta to apply for a grant to update the band shell. Leonard
made a motion to approve the letter and submit it. Ulana seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.
Our hot water heater is dead. Amanda has requested quotes from Cornerstone and Aeon. Cornerstone
gave a quote of $850. Aeon gave a verbal quote of $850 as well, but will get back to us with a written
quote in a few days. It was suggested we look into a small tankless hot water heater, since our hot water
needs are pretty minimal. Leonard will speak with Kevin Enslow.

We have an additional plumbing issue – a leak in the utility sink behind the circulation desk. It seems to
be inside the wall. This will need to be looked into very soon.

When Amanda has estimates for the new hot water heater she will send out an email to the Board. We
will vote on this issue by email.

Tom Woodward was present to express his discomfort with the budget increase. Amanda gave him the
financial documentation he requested, and the Board did its best to answer Tom’s questions.
All Board members signed the petition for Steve’s election.

David F. moved that we adjourn the meeting. David M. seconded. The motion passed unanimously.
Meeting adjourned about 7:30.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathryn Boswell, secretary