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Call for Bids: Interior Renovation Project

Bid Documents (including project plans and specifications) are available here. An addendum was added 12/20/2019. View project drawings: Demolition Plan and Renovation Plan.  Print copies are available at the circulation desk at the Norwood Public Library. Should copies be requested by mail delivery, a check made out for the amount of $15.00 shall be made payable to the NORWOOD PUBLIC LIBRARY to cover cost of mailing and handling the plans and specifiactions via regular mail service. Please direct questions to Amanda Jones by email at nowlib@ncls.org (link sends e-mail).

Norwood Public Library is accepting bids for an interior renovation project. The Library plans to relocate the public computers, create a new teen area, remove existing shelving, replace and level flooring, fix damaged walls, and install LED lighting in the community room. The goal of this interior renovation is to update the library to suit patron needs while making the best use of existing space.

Bids due: January 6, 2020

Norwood Public Library assumes no liability for payment of expenses incurred by contractors in the preparation of proposals in response to this invitation. Norwood Public Library will carry out the terms and conditions of an awarded contract. New York State Construction grant funds provide the majority of project funding.