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Trustee Election Update


2020 has been a very unusual year! Normally in the month of May, the Norwood Public Library holds a trustee election to fill opening and vacant positions on the Board of Trustees. As a Special Legislative District Library, our trustee election is postponed until September 15, 2020 to follow New York State’s Executive Order No. 202.26. According to this order:

  • Any district or special district, including, but not limited to fire, library, sewer, or water, that conducts an election and/or budget vote shall be rescheduled to September 15, 2020 and collection of signatures for nominating petitions is hereby suspended until further notice, subject to a process determined by a future Executive Order; provided however, a library district may conduct an election on June 9, 2020 pursuant to this Executive Order if such election is managed by a school district.
  • Circulation, filing, and collection of any independent nominating petition pursuant to section 6-138 of the Election Law for any office that would otherwise be circulated or filed pursuant to the Election Law or for any special district election, as provided for in Executive Order 202.13, continue to be postponed until further notice and shall be subject to a future Executive Order.

Norwood Public Library will not hold a budget vote to increase the tax levy this year. The Board of Trustees has approved a 2021 budget with a 0.0% tax levy increase. In 2019 the Norwood Public Library received generous memorial donations to support the library, and a $73,997 State Construction Grant to cover building renovations. Additionally, the Friends of the Norwood Public Library group must be commended for their incredible fundraising efforts, including a very successful Murder Mystery Dinner and holiday raffle. The library appreciates the continued support of its patrons while recognizing current financial challenges to our community. Thank you for investing in your library. Please stay tuned for our reopening plan. 

~Amanda Jones, Library Director