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Fairy Tale Window Challenge

Think of a favorite fairy tale or read a fairy tale book together. Using your imagination, creating a thrilling fantastical scene of princesses, knights, fairy godmothers, trolls, and castles with any art supplies you can find to hang in your window.

Then the fun begins! From July 6th - July 17th, find a different fairy tale scene and write a story about it, or find 5 different fairy tale scenes and tell us which ones you saw! Libraries throughout the North Country Library System will be participating in this challenge. Norwood Public Library has some scenes in the building windows! Send us a picture of your completed challenge sheet and you'll receive a goody bag!

Links to the challenge sheets: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jY9d7UVBlXp-3_T4Ueju8jtUJ23vKtZX/view?usp=sharing