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2020 Scariest Story Winners

Congratulations to our 2020 Scariest Story Winners! We were excited to receive 61 submissions for this teen contest this year. The judges had some tough choices to make!

The winner of the Most Creative prize is August Simcox for his story "Worlds Beyond".

The Scariest Setting prize goes to Makayla Lashomb for her story "The Cabin".

The winner of the Best Ending prize is Logan Bradley.

Each teen wins a $25 gift certificate to the Brewer Bookstore. Enjoy these scary stories here!


Worlds Beyond 

By August Simcox        

     This world is parallel to ours, only it has had key things removed from the equation and other things placed in. This world in fact has as many or more mysteries than our world, for this world holds a grave danger and also a great light. For the year is 2022 and things are looking quite dim. This world holds a facility that contains life changing information that can not be leaked. In the labyrinth of halls lies a 16 year old boy that does not look his age. Quite young looking indeed, but something is wrong. Horribly wrong.

      “Ow, good grief!”  He said as the exposed wires zapped his bruised hands. As the boy struggled to put ripped wiring back together, his attention caught by a rustling sound behind him. He put his ear to the laboratory door to take a closer listen. There it was again, for he had one more part he needs to grab before he can leave the facility but he can not get it if something is blocking the hallway he needs to go down.

      This part he is looking for is a piece of something bigger, or in this case a machine. Why, you ask? Well you will just have to stick around and see. The boy began to stubble to the realization that he was alone in a big place with no love, no family, and no friendship. For this place used to yell creativity and care, but along those blood tattered walls it now screams pain and agony. Those walls were as smooth as skin, now there cracked and unforgettable.  The boy every 50 minutes to an hour he would go through the same loop in his crumbling mind. As the boy made the most risky decision he flew open the door and dashed for his life, he began to notice there was the dimming of a light as bright as a flashlight light. Almost as if something were to have gone in front of an emitting light.

      Even though the boy was getting closer and closer to the shop room, he felt as if it were taunting him, calling him to come closer, but all he felt like he was doing was just slowly moving backwards. Closer and closer to the thing behind him.

      ” I’m not going to make it.”

      He said with doubt in his worn voice. He is so close, so desperate to get to that room that in the process of running he hadn’t the slightest clue he had ripped open the side of his arm from falling against the metal ridges on the wall. For he was so focused, so determined that nothing was going to get in his way. Although that was the sad part because all that hard work, all of that progress was now apt to be lost to time. Our hero is destined to die.

      When there is dark there is always light. That glimpse of hope, that spark of light, that last chance that he knew he could grab because it was right there welcoming him. whatever he made out of that fighting chance, grew into a big tree inside of him that grew its roots throughout his body. A strong tree of pure hope and courage. Even though this great beast seems to be relentless doesn’t mean it can become strong enough to take down such a mighty tree. With one big leap of faith and with one charge towards that brittle door he was through. When he had entered the room the beast struggled to enter with him. For the doorway was too small. This creature was very patient and was not one to leave. It was going to stay put and wait like a dog waiting for a treat.

      The boy knew there was a vent up on the ceiling that he could reach with a ladder. The vent could take him straight back to the testing chamber. With the acquired part and the knowledge of where the ladder is he would be able to make it out and complete his objective safely.he rushed over to the shop closet, grabbed the ladder, and made his way up through the vent system. As he was making his way through there seemed to be dent marks from a former person crawling around in the vets.

      “How odd.” 

      He mumbled to himself. He was sure he would make it to the next room, but the horrid smell of dried blood reeked through the heated vents.

      “Just keep moving forward.” 

      He told himself in a low voice. He wondered what that thing was that was stalking him and how it got there in the first place? Maybe there is more to that machine than he thought. He dropped down louder than expected from the ceiling he had quickly assembled the control panel again. In front of the control panel lies a strange machine that taunts him to come over. With a might of steal he starts up the control panel and reaches for the information drive planted in the control panel. When going to do so he had tripped due to being scared half to death by the bang on the door of the relentless creature he falls in to the panel and activates the machine. Running past the danger zone he hides by the machine to make the creature think he is not there. For the machine was emitting strange fluorescent particles that were waving with the draft in the room.With one last blow the monster was threw.

      This creature was an amalgamation of human and a quadruped monstrosity with snakes for hair that uttered these words.

      “I didn’t think it would be that hard”

      “I didn’t think he liked you that much”

      “But out of all people, why a pathetic shrimp like you Johnathan.”

      He quickly felt the need to jump into the void created by the machine for some reason.

      Why? Why jump into the void, it's an instant death, Isn’t it? Isn’t it? Why is he feeling this now? Almost like a calling of some sort. Although that did not stop him from trusting his gut and hiding. But that burning feeling still remained. As the Amalgamation drew near, Jonathan’s Iner tree had grown a fungus on it. Something else was in his body with him, and he knew it. But it was feeding off of that tree, it was helping to defend the helpless tree. That burning feeling rose inside him now. There was a bigger purpose to that device, bigger than he could have ever imagined. 

      “We thought we were making something that could be used for transport purposes.” Johnathan said with his dry worn voice. 

      “But we never really knew if that was what it was capable of doing. For all we know this could even be a gateway, but we just don’t know.” Jonathan said with maximum courage in his voice.

      “I have no remorse for how absolutely dumb you are!”

      “You have no idea what lies in there!”

      “That's the thing, you don’t know.”

      “And you never will know, because you are scared and you won’t go in.”

      “If you do then remember, curiosity killed the cat, and it always will.” It said slowly with its raspy voice and slobber filled mouth ready to devour. 

       As Johnathan fearlessly walked over to the gateway he said 

      “Well, if what you are saying is true then I have no reason why I shouldn’t risk everything if I'm gonna die anyways. Maybe there is more to this than it seems hm?”    

      “I don’t know why I bother hobbling here if i'm not going to rip you to pieces.”

      “So why don’t I make this quick!”

      As it launched at me I quickly realized my arm was lodged straight through its big veiny eye. As I stepped back in shock it began to make a loud shriek of grave pain. Once again I quickly felt the urge to enter the gateway again, but this time it was stronger. As I ran towards it I felt weak and fell. I quickly noticed that I had been impaled by the amalgamate. I inched closer and closer to the gate way, desperate, so desperate. But as soon as I got close I felt something of weight pushing on me to keep me down. It seemed as if it would be his demise. But something was off, the amalgamate seemed desperate to eat Johnathan, but the boy felt the life leaving him. So is this it, is he truly gone this time, is it truly over?

      Guess it was time for him to go. That tree may be on the brink of death, but that does not mean the fungus is dead. No, no the fungus is strong, very strong. Stronger than before, so strong it kept that tree alive. Jonathan forced himself up even though he was under such pressure. He forced the hand off of him, and launched his fist as hard as he could with the last strength he had. That amalgamation held its face furious out of pain. Although for some reason it began to cry, in doing so it began to let the snakes roam off of it’s head. The big snakes began slithering toward Jonathan at a fast pace. As quick as possible he ran to the gateway and once entered, he fell. Fell into the dark absys as he heard the loud cry from the beast that screamed


      For he was now stranded, long gone, and ready to parish, as he noticed multiple pairs of eyes began to illuminate around him. That's what was on the other side of the gateway, a void of pure darkness welcoming you only to devour you. Most people would be scared and horrified, but he wasn’t. He felt welcomed and warm, ready to rest in a place he felt he could call home.

      These creatures that live in the dark shadows of this dark absys huddled around him only with the sole purpose to eat him all at once. Although they were too late because he is already long gone. Long gone in a deep slumber of warmth, which is classified as death.


      To be continued until next Halloween.


The Cabin

By Mikayla Lashomb


       It was a cold, rainy night on October 31, 1976. Eric and Cody are best friends. Eric is 6´3 with brown hair and blue eyes. He is very kind and funny. Cody is 6´1 with blonde hair and blue eyes. Cody is smart and very brave at times. They both decided it would be a good idea to explore the woods, thinking that they would find nothing.

      Eric said “What way should we go?”

      Cody replied “Left.”

      They begin walking into the woods.

      While cheerfully going into the woods, they entered by the tree line in Eric's back yard. It was a little windy outside. It was also raining but the trees covered them. It was also a full moon. 

      Eric and Cody were walking around for a while. They were just messing around hitting sticks off trees and kicking leaves around. About 1.5 miles in, they came across something very odd. It was a cabin, but not a typical cabin. There was a circle around the house with no trees. The moonlight was very bright on this cabin. It was a brown cabin with a rough looking roof. A metal fence was surrounding it, but the place looked abandoned so they went in. The fence was tall but it wasn't really a problem for them because they were tall as well. There were ivy vines all over the house. The door was wooden, with a ring shaped door handle. 

      Eric said, “Should we go in?”

      Cody replied ’’Sure, what's the worst that could happen?”

      They began walking to the door. 

      They slowly entered as the door creaked. The smell in the air was as bad as rotting meat. They gagged at the smell, but after a while the smell became as tolerable as it can be. Eric took one more step on the floor. He fell into a pit that had opened up. It was a trap. Cody and Eric were both shocked and frightened. The hole that he fell in had dark, long, narrow, tunnels. You could see what appeared to be blood all over. Cody then tripped on a plank on the floor, leading him into the pit as well. They started to walk down a tunnel. There were 3. They chose the third one with the least amount of blood. Dead animals and bones were scattered everywhere. The smell was horrid. 

      After a while, they found a room and opened the door. To their surprise, there was an old woman in the corner. She was skinny, short, had a long crooked nose, and long gray hair. She smiled with a lifeless look in her eyes. Cody and Eric both had a weird feeling in them, as if their minds were floating and drifting; gone. They hardly were thinking clearly.

      The old woman said to them “Come closer darlings, what brought you here?”

      Cody and Eric came closer. 

      They said nervously, “We found this cabin in the woods and decided to come in.” 

      She looked like a witch. The old woman said something a little weird but didn't think much of it. 

      She said “You both have the most beautiful blue eyes like the deep sea”

      They nervously replied “Thank you”

      Cody and Eric ask if she has any pain medicine from the fall.

      Cody and Eric were given a drink. they both had some bruises and wounds from falling, and this was supposedly pain medicine. Cody and Eric thought this was pain medicine, she told them it was and she seemed sweet. The bottle said on the outside “for healing injuries faster” They both passed out almost immediately. Cody woke up. Eric was still out. They were on slaughter tables. The woman was nowhere to be found, but there was a giant cauldron of boiling green liquid. Cody shook Eric repeatedly, trying to wake him up. It did not work, at this point Cody knew that there was a spell on them and that the old woman was a witch.

     Cody decided to pick Eric up, they needed to escape. Cody ran out the door with Eric in his arms, trying to find a way to escape. When Cody was trying to look for an escape, he noticed Eric had a red x on his wrist, then Cody noticed there was one on his as well. He remembered reading a story about this. It means that you are cursed. Cody was in first grade when he remembered reading this. He never knew he would need it later in life. In the book, it told basically the same thing that was happening to them. The book was called “The Witch of the Woods.  He was scared for what would happen next, but tried looking at the bright side of things. Eric started waking up. Cody did not tell him what the x means, they just started running down a tunnel. They were running down it for what felt like forever, but only 10 minutes passed. Cody and Eric found a vent, so they crawled inside.

       After a while, They found another room. This room was horrifying. They were only looking through the vent, but they could see the witch. There were child hands and feet dangling from the ceiling, There were many pies, cakes, and candy in this room. They noticed there were also red x’s on the dangling hands. She was eating one of the pies. Cody and Eric assumed the worst, believing that it would have happened to them if Cody didn't wake up. They also had assumed that she had cooked the remains of the children in these baked goods. They continue to crawl through the vents…

      Cody and Eric found an opening, to somewhere familiar. It was where they had entered. They broke the vent off, trying to make as little noise as possible until they were outside. They burst through the doors. Cody and Eric started running. They noticed their family and friends were all around the cabin, but something was different about them. They all look dead, like zombies. This makes them run faster. They felt as if they were running forever. Once they arrive at the treeline where they entered, they don't look back. They go into Eric's house, hoping nobody would be awake or notice that they were gone. Cody told his parents he would be staying at Eric's that night. They thought they were only gone for one night. When they walked in,  Eric’s mom was there with the police. Everything was normal. The x’s on their wrists were gone. They were missing for three days. When the police searched the woods the cabin was gone...


Death Mountain

By Logan Bradley

    Steve woke up for the day. He had planned a hike with his friends. He ate breakfast, changed, and packed his gear. Then he got in his car and drove to where the hike was. He found his friends and they began their hike. They hiked all day until it started to get dark. It was now dusk in the woods, and it was very foggy and windy. Steve, David, and Martin had hiked very far.

    “Can we stop yet”, yelled Martin.

    “Only a little further”, yelled Steve.

     They continued to hike until it was almost completely dark. 

    “Here is good”, yelled Steve.

    “Finally”, exclaimed Martin and David.

    They all worked together and set up their tents, and built a bonfire. They roasted marshmallows and hotdogs, and started to talk around the bonfire.

    “Now I regret doing this; It's harder than I thought”, admitted Martin.

    “Yes it is hard, but when we are done you will be proud of yourself for doing it. This is one of the hardest hikes I have done. It’s a four day hike”, Steve replied.

    Steve is tall, has brown hair, and he is very kind to his friends. His other friends were David, and Martin. Martin is short, has blue eyes, and is athletic and helpful. David is tall with black hair. He also cares for his friends, and is very kind.

     They continued to talk throughout the night. A coyote howled in the distance, and the trees swished in the wind.

    “Well, I’m going to bed now. See you guys in the morning. Bright and early”, stated Steve.

    They all got into their tents, and went to bed. There was a full moon, and the wind howled around their tents. Suddenly in the middle of the night, they all heard a sound. It was a crunching sound in the woods, and twigs broke, and leaves crunched in the distance.

    “Did you guys hear that”, Yelled Steve.

    “What the heck was that”, exclaimed David.

    “ We're in nature, it was probably a bear or deer. Calm down guys”, stated Martin.

     “It sounded bigger than a bear”, stated Steve.

     They decided it must have just been an animal and went back to bed. 

     They woke up at 7 a.m. and got an early breakfast, and then began on their hiking for the day. They hiked all day, until dusk again, ate dinner, and decided to pitch their tents.

     “We got further than I thought we would today. We did well”, exclaimed Steve.

      They all pitched their tents and went to bed.

      “Goodnight”, stated Martin and David.

      They all went to bed. The stars glimmered in the night sky. 

      Suddenly both Steve and David heard a loud scream. 


      Both David and Steve rushed to Martin's tent. The only thing in Steve’s tent was his bloody leg, and a trail of blood led into the woods. They both almost fainted. Steve rushed to the tent, grabbed his hunting knife, and they followed the trail of blood. They followed the trail, and it led very far, until it finally came to the end. They saw Martin’s body high in a tree, and there was a creature eating his insides. It was a massive creature with bloody claws and teeth, and a slimy body. It was ripping Martin to pieces. Suddenly it saw the two of them. David made a run for it, while Steve stood his ground. The creature charged after David first, and clawed his neck, and David instantly fell to the ground. Then, the creature saw Steve. It then rushed him. It clawed him, and Steve slowly died, while the creature slowly ate him. He screamed in pain.

            Suddenly Steve woke up in bed. It was all a nightmare. He was drenched in sweat. He sighed in relief. He went back to bed, and woke up at 9 a.m. in the morning. He decided to make breakfast when the phone started ringing. He hesitated to go grab it. He picked up the phone. Both of his friends had not come down from a hike when they were supposed to. A team went up and looked for them, and found nothing. Steve screamed...